“If everyday I wake up feeling like we’re at war,” Nelson says, “My people need to be prepared for it. I’m looking around and seeing my friends and other people of color every day existing in the trauma and it being unearthed in such an abrasive way.”

Michelle Antoinette Nelson

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You mentioned looking around the general health and wellness situation and not seeing many people who look like you. Is raising awareness that there are people who look like you doing this kind of work part of the mission as well?

Bret McCabe

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Me and yoga have had a rocky relationship but  Lauren Ash’s class was just as refreshing as the conversation she had with Michelle.

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Michelle Antoinette Nelson stands barely 5 feet tall but is a powerful presence. Known as the “militant midget” growing up, don’t let her petite stature fool you. Michelle is a former track athlete and performance artist with a passion for social justice through health and wellness.

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