Our Community Impact

Brown and Healthy offers wellness education, fitness classes, and integration of wellness programming into events and conferences. In 2019 we are launching a workforce development program for Brown  fitness trainers.

Wellness Education:

  • The Brown and Healthy Speaker Series features quarterly talks led by renowned health care professionals. We reach 30-40 attendees per event from brown communities in Baltimore City.

  • Brown and Healthy Kids has partnered with the Baltimore City Health Department, Elevation Awards, and Baltimore City Schools to educate students about holistic health and equip them to bring health education back to their families. We hold workshops with groups of ~25 students approximately 3x per year and facilitate a summer program with 10 high school students to become neighborhood health ambassadors.

Fitness Classes

  • We hold free weekly fitness classes serving an average of 15 city residents from communities of color. Classes are hosted at Mission Fit and will increase in frequency and location as our network of B+H certified trainers grows.

Wellness Programming

  • We are contracted by events and conferences including Red Bull Amaphiko, Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Maryland Film Festival, Light City Baltimore, Women of Color Weekend, the Brioxy Leadership Summit and others to integrate wellness programming into their event. We reach ~100 attendees per event, 6-10x per year.

Workforce Development – Trainer in Residency Program

  • Beginning in the Fall of 2019 we will serve low to moderate income people of color who are interested in a career in fitness and are seeking opportunities for growth. Participants will benefit by receiving free/low cost training and certifications which can cost thousands of dollars, the ability to receive higher paying jobs in existing fitness organizations, and the resources and support to start their own personal training or wellness business. Outside of the free/low cost training and certifications, residents will gain an expanded professional network, job placement support into Brown and Healthy vetted employer partners, and a business incubator membership preparing graduates to start their own businesses and bring a culture of health and wellness to their communities. Up to 6 “fellows” be selected to receive an additional participation stipend.

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