Curating wellness experiences across the globe.

Our Mission:


We curate wellness experiences and spark narrative changing conversations across the globe; led by dynamic health + wellness practitioners of color.

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Our Mission

Brown and Healthy is a global health and wellness initiative challenging mainstream media’s negative narrative of people of color one positive story at a time. Our mission is to change the narrative and change the world by promoting mental, physical, and emotional well being among people of color. Contrary to popular belief, we comprise a tight knit global community of students, teachers, artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who grind tirelessly to create a better and more sustainable world for the next generation.

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Our Impact

Brown and Healthy began as a simple hashtag in 2015 and has grown exponentially into a paradigm shifting movement, a respected brand, and a successful startup. Our digital and analog strategies to engage communities of color through social media, wellness events, and internationally published articles has positively impacted thousands of people across the globe. We have also initiated an online community of health + wellness practitioners that fosters a partnership and networking environment for like minded professionals who want to expand their reach and bolster health + wellness throughout the African Diaspora. Our goal: Change the narrative and change the world.



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Our Programs

Brown + Healthy offers youth and adult wellness education, fitness classes, live entertainment events, and integration of wellness programming into events and conferences. In 2019 we are launching a workforce development program for Brown fitness trainers.


Wellness Curation

Brown and Healthy’s “Curators of Wellness” programming employs health and wellness professionals of color to provide your organization with various physical fitness options, wellness talks, relaxation/meditation space design, and more.

Brown and Healthy k.I.D.s.

The Brown and Healthy K.I.D.S.  program participants do not just learn about health, but also learn how to apply digital strategies and media principles to create positive stories that are strength based. Empowering them share those stories, and promote wellness among their peers, families, and communities.


Brown and Healthy has partnered with Impact Hub Oakland to present the "Brown and Healthy Wellness Residency Program." This residency program seeks to change the face of wellness by providing key resources, professional development, and strategic design consultations for highly trained wellness leaders from brown communities—specifically communities of Black and Indigenous people of color. We train, B+H certify, and equip wellness professionals of color to have meaningful careers, build viable businesses, and change lives in their cities and around the world.

brown and healthy speaker series

The Brown and Healthy Speaker Series is a series of interactive discussions. The series focuses on all aspects of health, including mental health, community safety and violence, financial literacy, health disparities and equity, nutrition, fitness, and more. It is designed to amplify the voices of people of color in the health + wellness world.


December 2018

“Our narrative is not part of the normal American conversation,” Nelson says. “Where we come in is to make sure we are part of the conversation.”

Michelle Antoinette Nelson, Founder + CEO of Brown and Healthy

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Our Team


TYA ANthony

Director of Curatorial Affairs


Kevin H.N. Dickerson

B+H Master Trainer


Michelle Antoinette Nelson

Founder + Chief Executive Officer


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